To increase efficiency and cut costs a playout solution needs to be versatile and flexible. This means that it should play any major file format without a need for a conversion, it should be able to connect to NAS and USB storage devices and easily integrate with your existing workflow. AirServer meets those requirements and delivers even more. It overlays graphics elements like crawls and logos, it monitors internal or external storage for file updates and it will even send an email when it detects a new file, which is very handy for remote facilities. It’s delivered as a “channel in a box”, integrating our playout and automation solutions, or as a standard video server controlled through industry standard VDCP protocol for integration with third party automation.


  • Up to four HD channels
  • Playout automation
  • Playlist scheduling
  • Off-line CG editor

Playout automation can receive commands from DTMF decoders for automatic insertions of commercial breaks, it controls external relays (GPOs) and also controls third party video servers – Harris, GVG, Harmonic...

Automation comes with a separate playlist scheduling/asset management application which includes features like invoicing, printing as-run reports or interfacing to third-party traffic systems. 

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